Help NEP make your fundraiser better than ever!

It is that time of year again - NEP is working hard to prepare for your fall fundraiser!  This is one of the communication strategies we utilize to both raise money for your association as well as educate your community by driving traffic to your website and social media. However, in order for us to improve our fundraising efforts, we need your help first!

All we’re asking for is a minimum of 5 photos to promote you.
- The human brain responds to images 60,000 times- Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement
We provide direct mail fundraising services, but the appeal of your website and social media are critical to your success. Why, you may ask?

- 90% of people who receive your direct mail marketing piece will visit your website first before doing anything else!
We’ll sort through the photos and use our experience to select the photos we think will be the most impactful, but first we need you to send them to us. Here are some helpful tips to make gathering them a little easier:

- Smartphones work just fine, and they handle focusing for you. Just try to stay still. ☺
- Photos of facial reactions (and fewer people) tend to evoke emotional responses. Try to get people in action. Moving rather than posing engages viewers more.
- The more the better. Take lots!
You can upload them here
We’ve seen on average a 35% increase in donations when we have photos that show you being active in your community and giving back to local charities, schools, and other organizations.

Thanks again for being a great partner and as always, contact any of us if we can help further.