Our Fall Fundraiser is here

Our Fall Fundraiser is here
Our association is preparing to drop our annual fundraising letter to the community. This is one of our communication strategies to help educate the public about our association and raise important funds. The letter also helps drive traffic to our website and social media. If a community member asks, please inform them that this is our official fundraiser and direct them to our website or social media to learn more.

So here is what you need know:
  • Our fall fundraiser letter has been mailed to our community members.
  • We will post an article on the public side of the website announcing the beginning of the fundraising campaign.
  • 3 fundraising specific social media posts will be published between now and the end of the fundraising campaign. - Please share on your personal social media accounts to help us raise awareness!
  • A final article will be posted on the public side of the website thanking everyone for their continued support at the end of the campaign.

Remember, if anyone asks about the fundraiser, please let them know they can follow us on Facebook & Twitter or learn more by visiting our website. Link : https://www.beniciapoa.com

Thank you.