Police throw birthday party for 8 year old girl - PoliceOne


A Maine Police Department knew just what to do for this little girl when no one showed up to her birthday party. To read the full PoliceOne story, click here.

Why 2018 could be an especially deadly year for cops


"Maybe they forget [officers] have families," Gloria Vega said. "But they're just like everybody else. The only difference is my dad went out there ... he sacrificed his family, sacrificed us having him, to protect people he doesn't even know.” To re...

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Ryan Bourland of Benicia


Ryan Bourland is a Benicia Resident who is near and dear to the hearts of the members of the Benicia Police Officers' Association. When Ryan's life took a negative turn, he started to go down the wrong path. "I started boxing when I was 11... [At] th...

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Benicia POA Endorses Daniel Marshall


The Benicia Police Officers’ Association proudly endorses Daniel Marshall for Solano County Sheriff-Coroner. Daniel has worked as a law enforcement officer for almost twenty years and has the appropriate experience for creating great change in Solano...

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What Happens When We Run Out Of Cops?


What happens when we run out of cops? This is a question worth asking as it pertains to the safety of our communities, families, and friends. Police recruitment and retention may be one of this countries biggest problems. To read more about what will...

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