The Benicia POA K-9 Program

The objective of the Benicia Police Department Canine Program is to promote an atmosphere of service and safety in the community by providing general and specialized law enforcement patrol with the efficient use of canine teams. Additionally, efficient use of canine teams has been shown to reduce injuries to officers and citizens resulting from criminal activity, as well as reducing staff hours necessary to accomplish area searches.

Apprehension • Crowd Control • Armed/Barricaded Suspect • High-Risk Vehicle Stops • Tracking • Area Searches • Article Searches • Lost/Missing Person Searches • Building Searches • Demonstrations
160 hours
Of training complete for our police canines prior to being ready for police services
16 hours
Of additional training a month is required to maintain certification and skills.
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Gavin Buchanan Memorial Foundation

In honor of our beloved Gavin Buchanan we have created a Memorial Foundation to fund the purchase of protective and safety equipment for all K9 officers!

About the Foundation

Just shy of his 6th birthday Gavin decided to donate his own hard-earned money to the purchase of a bulletproof vest for a police dog. He saved chore money, tooth fairy money, and anything he could earn to collect his first $100 for donation. In 2013 he had the honor of presenting the vest to "Eddie" a K9 from the Palo Alto Police Department.

In 2015 he was the "Cover your K-9 Ambassador" and helped present a vest to the Benicia PD K9 Officer "Atos" - his hometown. Gavin had decided he wanted to help in his own community and wanted his donation to stay local.

On September 5, 2015, Gavin turned 8 years old and celebrated with his family at their cabin in Greenwood, CA. The very next weekend Gavin and his family lost their lives at that cabin. It is a tragedy our family struggles daily to understand. Even in our grief we knew this boy with a heart of gold needed the K9 vest purchase to be his legacy. In the wake of our sorrow, we launched the Gavin Buchanan Memorial Foundation and have been granted 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization status by the IRS.

Our single purpose is to ensure K9 officers are safe and protected in the line of duty!

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